La Shukran

– Meaning ‘No thank you’
is perhaps the most important phrase
to know when travelling Morocco.

La Shukran

“Come to my house. We smoke hashish and drink Moroccan whiskey.”
– My Brother


Walking through the streets of most
Moroccan cities, I can only assume that
it is just like walking through
a male prison, as a female.


Everywhere you go, every alley you turn.
There will be your “brother”. He will stick
to you like glue and will offer you the world
for only 10 Euro.


And you can not blame them for trying.
There is a fair share of poverty out there.
Hence, every tourist looks like a walking wallet.

This might interest you at first.
But, after a week you will realise that even
legit business have two menus.
Eventually, you will end up going through great
lengths to shake off anyone approaching you. 
Even if the person seems to just want to help you.


If you overlook the average Moroccans
treatment of tourists as fools. You will find
that generally, they are really nice people.
Often, they just want to talk and make friends.
They will show you around, teach you some Arabic 
and answer all of your questions without placing you
in a position where you are intimidated and guilt tripped.


The harder is your life, the harder you work.


The Thing that is abundantly obvious
is that Moroccan people are hard workers
Whether they’re self-employed hustlers, leather men 
fisher men or whatever else you think of. 

They really put their heart and soul into it.


They will be out fishing.
They will be out hustling.
They will be out working with their parents.
Playing sports, climbing mountains and getting in trouble.

Like the good old days.

Unlike in the first world countries.
Children are not incapacitated at home watching
TV and getting a tan from their Ipads.
Most of them are out from a very young age.
Using their bodies and brains to
acquire the skills they are fond of, first hand.


And they will grow up to be very talented
metal workers, cooks, leather workers, 
salespeople, mechanics, hustlers and so forth.


The Morocco Paradise

A world full of stunning architecture, natural landscapes


Morocco is rich with stunning architecture and nature.
The vast landscape is abundant with everything.
From highly developped first world cities to tribal vilages.
Natural landscape is so diverse here you would never get bored.
It is soething to see and explore for everyone.

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