I'm trying to do things differently



Hello, my name is Roman Spilcak.

Among other things, I am a photographer and videographer.

After six years of chasing a carrot, I have decided to jump off the scripted path and make my own. I am using this time in London to prepare for the greatest feat of my life, which I have been contemplating for quite some time now.

My plan is to leave the comfort and convenience provided to me by this society and become a self-sufficient ‘digital nomad’. Not the kind of nomad that lives in a camper-van and drives towards the sunset. Or the kind that hangs out in hostels and experiences the city life of all nations. No, I am going for the drifter that lives out of his backpack and walks towards the sunrise.

I don’t know if I plan to live this way but I am certain that I want to do this for a few years.



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