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“Constant repetition dulls receptivity…”
Rose Wilder Lane

About Me

Hello, my name is Roman Spilcak.
Among other things, I am a photographer and videographer.
I am using my time to do what I love and more importantly, what I feel that I should be doing.
I am all about creating, provoking thought and inspiring.
My medium is visual storytelling, a little bit of writing and personal interaction.
My means are personally thought, learned and funded.
My work ethic is high and motives are genuine and moral.


Headshots & Portraits

Headshots & Portraits

Tightly cropped, carefully composed and well lit headshots
Creatively composed, butifully lit and lifestyled portraits

Sill Life & Product

Sill Life & Product

Brand orientated, evenly lit and desirably     vibrant
Beauty of itself, the curves, the design and   colour

Private & Corporate Event

Private & Corporate Event

Your unforgettable, magical day is just around the corner
The long-planned conference is just over the horizon

  • Will Churchill

    Will Churchill

    "I was never really impressed by previous headshots until Roman, with his expertise in composition, made my cv stand out from the crowd..."

  • Alix R

    Alix R

    From the start Roman was very efficient by responding very quickly. On the day of my wedding he did way more than expected and I thank him for that. He is very professional and will recommend him anytime.

  • Zine Yaala

    Zine Yaala

    "Roman is amazing. Super professional and very kind. He helped me spot different locations for my picture that are really amazing. We finished at 13.30 and by 10 p.m the same day, he sent me all the final pictures. Super quick and very good work. Thank you Roman !!"

  • Gab Stone

    Gab Stone

    "Roman was brilliant to work with. Professional, efficient, creative and hugely talented, working completely to spec and turning images around quicker than I could ever have hoped for. I'll definitely be using him again and I can't recommend him highly enough."



La Shukran

One month in Morocco
The beauty, the trouble
The experience


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