Do What You Love

For Others

“Constant repetition dulls receptivity…”
Rose Wilder Lane

About Me

Hello, my name is Roman Spilcak.
Among other things, I am a photographer and videographer.
I am using my time to do what I love and more importantly, what I feel that I should be doing.
I am all about creating, provoking thought and inspiring.
My medium is visual storytelling, a little bit of writing and personal interaction.
My means are personally thought, learned and funded.
My work ethic is high and motives are genuine and moral.


Headshots & Portraits

Headshots & Portraits

Tightly cropped, carefully composed and well lit headshots
Creatively composed, butifully lit and lifestyled portraits

Sill Life & Product

Sill Life & Product

Brand orientated, evenly lit and desirably     vibrant
Beauty of itself, the curves, the design and   colour

Private & Corporate Event

Private & Corporate Event

Your unforgettable, magical day is just around the corner
The long-planned conference is just over the horizon



La Shukran

One month in Morocco
The beauty, the trouble
The experience


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